A petition calling for her removal  from BUSD garnered 2,000 signatures overnight, almost four times as many as had been collected in the last six months. (That number had gone over 4,000 by Wednesday.) A former King student set up the online petition at in July after he saw a video of Felarca yelling at a neo-Nazi at a Sacramento rally. On the video, Felarca is seen punching the man several times in the stomach, yelling “Get the fuck off our streets,” and then pulling his backpack. Felarca was later injured in the melée.

The name for the band was kindly provided by a head teacher, who one day misguidedly announced at a morning assembly that he believed that the ‘Lunatic Fringe’ elements would soon be departing at the end of the school year. As we perceived that a ‘presence’ was in fact still going to be maintained in the school, we decided to appropriate his phrase as a band name. With that sorted, the group began to take shape over the next 12 months as equipment was acquired and a stable line-up evolved. The band managed to achieve a basic competency, playing covers of favoured bands such as Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols and Stiff Little Fingers, plus ‘Wild Thing’ (more The Goodies than The Troggs version). We were keen to write our own material though, and by mid-1980 had put together a small set consisting of about half covers and half originals.

Lunatic Fringe - At Last TapeLunatic Fringe - At Last TapeLunatic Fringe - At Last TapeLunatic Fringe - At Last Tape